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Sunday 9 February 2014

Honda CB160/CR93 project. Over to you, Oedell in Oregon!

 In late 2013, Mr. Oedell of Oregon contacted CMR interested in a replica Honda CR93 aluminum fuel tank and seat for his Honda CB160 motorcycle.

We supply quite a few CR93 replica aluminum fuel tanks and seats to fit various Honda period motorcycles. CMR carries an inventory of original frames, fuel tanks, engines, etc. to enable us to accurately produce correctly fitting replica parts to order. We have an original CB160 frame supplied to us by Mr. Bert Lilley of Canada, one of the leading CR93 replica specialists in the world.

In this case, Mr. Oedell had an early Honda CB160 frame and wanted us to make the tank and seat feat onto his frame. W

Mr. Oedell was particular in requiring the shape of the tank and seat to be exactly the same as the original works Honda racing CR93. These pictures show how close we were able to meet his desires.

The front of the tank has a recess for the main frame rail and the radius at the front of the tank has to blend with the recess. Here you see the finished opening and how well the tank fits.

Here is a front-on shot which shows the flat portion on the top of the tank just like the works tanks. We used on this one a two-inch Monza aluminum flip-top period fuel cap. We also use genuine Honda rubber front fuel tank mounts as they are still available.

The radius on the back of the racing seat is very hard to produce on an 'English wheel' or by hand, but we feel this seat is next to perfection. You will notice on the rear of the tank that we supply a pull-down strap while on the original CR93 tank it was just a rubber band. It is actually a Yamaha fuel tank pull-down strap and they work perfectly.

Here we show the kit of parts for mounting the tank. CMR customers regularly tell us how delighted they are with the detail parts we supply with our kits - everything for assembling the project!

Our stock CB160 frame could do with a coat of paint
 but we use it as a pattern as mentioned above

Mr. Oedell asked us to provide an inner rear fender/mudguard/splatter-shield similar to the CR93 unit for his CB160 project. As you can see it's a U-channel with side flaps and is bolted at the bottom and zip-tied at the top to the CB160 rear frame rails. When you compare it to the works CR93 it comes very close.
Here is the finished product packaged for its journey to Oregon
where another happy CMR customer is waiting.

We shipped the CMR tank and seat to Mr. Oedell in January. Prior to shipping, we sent him some photos. He responded (as our customers so often do) with "That looks awesome! Thank you for the pics, super excited. Ha-ha! Can't stop staring at it! Wow, you guys are good!"

Great working with  you Mr. Oedell!

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  1. I would like to order the CR93 replica tank.I am in WA 98282
    Bob Allen