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Sunday, 27 March 2016

More News from Down Under

Phil Harris. a Suzuki racer from years past,  of Sidney Australia, took delivery of our CMR Suzuki TR750 frame, swing arm, fuel tank and expansion chamber kit in October 2013. We are pleased to report the successful completion of Phil's project. With help from many of his friends including racer/tuner Clive Carter, the bike and engine were developed over two years. In January 2016, at the Phillip Island International Classic and in March at the Barry Sheene Memorial Races in Sidney, they achieved their best results.

Clive Carter who had helped Phil in the assembly and development of the bike convinced Phil to allow his son who was a modern Superbike racer, to try the classic racing Suzuki. Danny Carter, #25, Clive's son, achieved a fabulous result with the Phil Harris team, using the CMR Suzuki TR750 chassis.

The CMR Racing Products Team congratulates Phil, Clive and Danny on a well-deserved third overall podium finish in the P5-750 class at the Barry Sheene races in March 2016.

Here are a few photos of the bike during its assembly and final racing setup.

CMR Racing Products Inc. has produced and delivered over thirty of these CMR Suzuki TR750 frame kits for use with the GT750 engine. There are many enthusiasts around the world producing special parts for this engine; CMR would like to congratulate Phil Harris on achieving the best results to date with this frame and engine combination. 

We're getting to know interesting folks who are producing pieces for this engine. At Barber International Raceway in 2008, Denis met Kris Bernstein of Suzuki Yesteryear, who has been collecting information on all the modifications needed to convert the GT750 engine to a 130plus horsepower power-plant. Another enthusiast, Peter Anderson, who races vintage side-car outfits in New Zealand, has been very helpful in providing an updated version of the dry clutch and clutch operation system for this engine. You can contact Peter at this email address.

As  Phil Harris updates us with his successes, we will be sure to pass them on .

For more information on frame kits and fuel tank kits produced by CMR Racing Products Inc., contact Denis at and be sure to visit us on Facebook.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

News from Down Under

It's been too long since we posted. But our excuse is - we've been incredibly busy! The CMR Team is very grateful for being so busy, thanks to all our customers from around the world.

We'd like to update our readers about successful events worldwide, stories of the many riders using our CMR Yamaha TZ750 frame and fuel tank kits. This post is just a sample.

We'll start with New couldn't be farther away from Canada. They're actually having summer!

Our great friends in New Zealand have sent us photos of their machinery, beautiful builds all. Alistair Wilton purchased the CMR-framed Yamaha TZ750 from Norm Randall of Australia. Here are some photos of how Alistair wanted his bike to look. What a great job you have done Alistair!

Also from New Zealand is a new customer, Norm MacDonald, who's building a CMR-framed Yamaha TZ750. He sent us these photos to share with you. This bike will be ready for competition in time for the Phillip Island races in January of 2017!

Next we'd like to talk about our Australian Team entrant into the 2016 Phillip Island International Classic in January.  This CMR framed Yahama TZ750 is owned by Phil and Roz Andrea and successfully raced by Marty Craggill. We'll tell you more in a later post but for now, here are some images.

This last photo shows Phil and Roz Andrea's Team. From left to right: Marty Craggill, Phil Andrea, Bill White & Roz Andrea.

Marty ran a very respectable 1.41 at the Phillip Island International Challenge in January 2016.  At the support races for the First World SBK Round at Phillip Island February 2016, he ran low 1.40s.

So at the Barry Sheene Memorial races in Sydney, Australia in March, we are hoping for high 1.30s, if conditions are favourable. Congratulations to Phil, Roz, Bill and Marty for an outstanding performance. And to my good friend Jon Cornwell of Ohlins Canada who was over there on the other side of the world, helping out with the latest Ohlins suspension settings on his buddy Marty Craggill's race bike .

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

'Making Motorcycle History' in the press

There's a really good article about CMR Racing Products Inc. by Veronica Leonard in the Summer issue of County and Quinte Living magazine, which is available in our region, the Bay of Quinte area, in Ontario, Canada.

If you're not able to pick up a copy, you can get the story online. You'll find 'Motorcycle History in the Making' on page 14. Photographer Daniel Vaughan did some great shots - makes us look pretty cool.

If you see something that interests you, visit us on the CMR Facebook, read further in this blog, or have a look at the website.

 You can access the FB and the blog from the main page of our website.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

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We just put up a number of albums of 2013/14 projects at CMR.

Go have a look,

Please contact CMR Racing Products ( if you wish further information about anything you see.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

1970's Curtis Racing Frames Dirt-tracker found and rebuilt

Back in April 2012 CMR heard from David Spicer of Vancouver, B.C. Canada, who asked if we could identify a dirt track racing frame that he was about to purchase, which dated from the early 1970's. David was able to provide a serial number and photographs; the photos showed an original Curtis Racing Frames decal still on the swing-arm. Denis checked the serial number and photographs and discovered that this was a Kawasaki 'Big Horn' flat-tracker from 1974/5. It had been built for one of Denis' partners at Curtis Racing Frames of Richmond, B.C. The fellow's name was Billy Hilland.
Curtis Racing Frames Flat-track Racing Team:
Centre: Billy Hilland and his bike #60 (1974/5)

Why was this bike so special? This was the only Kawasaki two-stroke dirt-tracker that Curtis Racing Frames ever made. Mr. Hilland loved that engine and wanted to go flat-track racing with it. He had formerly been a moto-cross racer and had lots of spare parts for the Kawasaki 'Big Horn' engine. Billy was a very fast and competitive flat-track racer.
The bike in its original form

The bike was used on one-eighth and quarter-mile short tracks and half-mile dirt tracks and during the winter months was used for ice-racing in B.C. and Alberta, Canada and Washington state, USA. It had a very successful career. At one time it even had a set of Curtis mag wheels fitted as you will see from some of these photographs.

David was pleased to hear the bike's history and to learn that Denis could still supply him with new original Curtis Racing Frame decals for the swing-arm. While Billy Hilland's racing number was #60, David elected to use the number 55 which was the number on the bike when he purchased it.

We understand that Billy Hilland sold the bike at some point but we don't know the intervening history.
#60 at the 1975 Vancouver Motorcycle Show

 The bike is shown here fitted with Curtis Mag Wheels

This is how the bike was found by David Spicer -
 remarkably complete but the Curtis Mag Wheels were missing

Taking the Treasure home
The Curtis Mag Wheel decal can be
seen here on the rear fender

David Spicer refurbished the bike to look exactly like it was under Billy Hilland's ownership, and what a great job he made. We look forward to receiving further photos of David's racing exploits in historic flat-track racing in B.C., Alberta and Washington state in the coming seasons. We will keep you posted.
A beautifully refinished frame

David Spicer with his pride and joy
an original Curtis Racing Frames Kawasaki 'Big Horn' Flat-tracker

CMR Racing Products Inc. has received a number of inquiries about frames from the Curtis Racing Frames past and Denis really enjoys researching and providing the information to this new generation of owners/riders. Let us know if we can help you.

'The two Dirks' - Dirk DeWinter and Dirk Walschaerts- updates from Belgium

Back in June 2013 we reported on the successes
of two of  CMR's  European customers, Dirk DeWinter and Dirk Walschaerts. Dirk DeWinter has been faithful at keeping us updated with stats and photos. Follow the link if you want to revisit this story from last summer. Here are a few photographs which Dirk D. provided of his summer exploits. Both Dirks ride CMR-framed Drixton Yamaha XS650/750 Twins.

Here are the 2013 season results for the Belgian Championship for Classic Bikes in Class 5: Dirk Walschaerts finished 4th with 32 points, and Dirk DeWinter finished 9th with 22 points.

Congratulations to our Belgian friends! We look forward to following your 2014 season and hearing your results.