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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

A Unique Yamaha TZ750 Hill Climber/Motard Race Bike

A CMR customer from the UK contacted us in 2016 and asked us if we had ever built a replica of the Kenny Roberts 'Miler' flat tracker from the 1970s. We had built a couple of these bikes as Denis had first-hand knowledge of the bike that was built for Stevie Baker at Yamaha Motor Canada in 1973/4.

After several conversations with our customer, we realized that he was not looking for a race bike that went around oval dirt tracks in an anti-clockwise direction, but rather wanted a UK and Euro pseudo-road race bike which would corner to the right and to the left during an ascent of an European hill-climb mountain event. So the bike was to end up like a 'Motard' that runs on pavement and dirt and needs to be able to corner both ways. In the UK these hill climbs are called 'twisty sprints.'

Here is what CMR came up with - at this point the bike is not finished, but will be used 'in anger' later this season. Of note is the full road race expansion chamber system that we use on our I.O.M. Classic TT race bikes but it is equipped with an aluminum 'Champion style' fuel tank and aluminum seat, as these races are sometimes only 1.5 kilometers long. The race is against the clock.

The customer specified twin shocks and straight bars.

We can't wait to see how well this bike performs in places like Switzerland, France and Italy. It will use treaded, not slick tires, but we put these road race wheels on to ensure the geometry of the bike was correct. In this type of racing, brakes are used on front and rear wheels.


Denis at CMR Racing - get in touch!

A Cool Street/Track Project from Indiana

Back in 2015, Andrew Krabill of Indiana contacted CMR Racing Products. He was interested in some of the unique parts CMR makes for Yamaha RD 350/400 street and track bikes.

CMR supplied Andrew with photos of some of the aluminum tanks and seats we had produced for this model, and Andrew responded with an order and some very interesting suggestions for the design of the seat. We loved his ideas, and especially the way he carried out the project.

We'll let you decide what you think about his paint scheme and the overall styling of the bike, especially the seat.

The Team at CMR Racing Products think Andrew did an outstanding job. Well done, Andrew!
 CMR Racing Products carries stock of the aluminum fuel tank and the aluminum seat that Andrew used for his project, at all times. We can supply the seat with or without an oil tank, and have several options for tail lights...or no lights at all.

These tanks and seats will fit the following Yamaha models: DS7, R5, TR3, RD350, RD400 and TZA.

Contact Denis at with any questions. Find us on Facebook.

More CMR Racing Products Success Stories in 2016

Vin's first season in 2015 on the new CMR Kawasaki H2R750 
Vin Borbone of New Hampshire, USA purchased one of our CMR Kawasaki H2R750 frame, swing arm and fuel tank kits in 2014 and has since become very successful in racing his bike in USCRA events. In 2016 Vin won the USCRA Heavy Weight Super Vintage Class Championship.

Congratulations, Vin from your friends at CMR Racing Products, Inc.

A confident Vin winning his Championship Season at Louden, NH

Vin with Miles Baldwin at a very wet Louden, NH

More CMR Successes in 2016

Dirk DeWinter from Belgium has been riding one of CMR's Drixton Yamaha XS650 framed race bikes since 2013 and continues to do very well against much more powerful machinery. His bike has the Yamaha XS650 twin engine bored out to 750cc. and is much lighter and handles much better than the larger 4 cylinder bikes in his class.

Congratulations Dirk on your second place in the 2016 Belgian Classic Bike Championship!

CMR currently has two of these CMR Drixton Yamaha XS650 frame, swing-arm, and fuel tank kits in stock. Contact Denis at Visit us on Facebook!

Sunday, 7 August 2016

CMR Successes at Phillip Island International Challenge near Melbourne Australia in January 2016 with the US Classic Racing Team

The US Classic Racing Team Captain Dave Crussell approached CMR about building some Yamaha FJ engined and Suzuki GS engined F1-XR69 frame, suspension, fuel tank and exhaust system kits in April of 2015.

CMR took on the challenge, despite the short time frames. The team required the frames ready to build into complete bikes so they could be tested and tuned ready to ship to Australia from Oakland, California on November 2, 2015.

The races took place from January 20th through to the 24th, 2016 and the US Team did very well considering stiff competition from Team UK and Team Australia.

Here are some pictures of the various Team USA racers. The first set of four photos is of USA Team Captain Dave Crussell's big Yamaha FJ.
Here is US Team Captain Dave Crussell's CMR framed Fi-FJ1250
ridden by US SBK Specialist Pat Mooney

Some close action in the International Challenge with John Allen #3 of Team UK,
Glen Richards #26 of Team Australia and Pat Mooney #7 Team USA

A nice picture of Dave Crussell's CMR-framed Yamaha F1-FJ1250
before the racing numbers were attached

The shipping deadline for Dave's Team USA bikes from Oakland, California
by sea was November 2, 2015 for January 2016 arrival in Melbourne

The next set of photos is of Eirik Nielsen's CMR-framed Yamaha F1-FJ1250.

Assembler of the pieces in Portland, Oregon, September 2015
is Joe Pethaud of Vicious Cycle

Here we have Eirik Nielsen, owner and racer of the CMR-framed F1-FJ1250
and his good friend Joe Pethaud of Vicious Cycle building the bike back home
in Portland Oregon
Eirik going out for practice

Some tuning has to be done here and Eirik's thinking about it

Early morning practice. Let's go!

Publicity shot for Eirik's sponsors

Getting down to the business of racing
Eirik posted the fastest speed  on the back straight at Phillip Island of any of the US Team racers - 276 kph,

The next photos are of Joe Weir, also of Portland, Oregon, and his CMR-framed Suzuki XR69/GS1261 race bike.

October 27, 2015

Practice at Thunder Hill in California. Joe is really smokin'

Joe built the prettiest bike and raced it very well
Joe's picture-perfect bike captured a lot of attention in the paddock
which is where it resided most of the weekend due to a dropped valve in the engine.
Since Joe had been part of the team for a couple of years, he brought
his #2 bike, his Suzuki Katana. Joe will return to PI in 2017 with renewed vigour.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

More News from Down Under

Phil Harris. a Suzuki racer from years past,  of Sidney Australia, took delivery of our CMR Suzuki TR750 frame, swing arm, fuel tank and expansion chamber kit in October 2013. We are pleased to report the successful completion of Phil's project. With help from many of his friends including racer/tuner Clive Carter, the bike and engine were developed over two years. In January 2016, at the Phillip Island International Classic and in March at the Barry Sheene Memorial Races in Sidney, they achieved their best results.

Clive Carter who had helped Phil in the assembly and development of the bike convinced Phil to allow his son who was a modern Superbike racer, to try the classic racing Suzuki. Danny Carter, #25, Clive's son, achieved a fabulous result with the Phil Harris team, using the CMR Suzuki TR750 chassis.

The CMR Racing Products Team congratulates Phil, Clive and Danny on a well-deserved third overall podium finish in the P5-750 class at the Barry Sheene races in March 2016.

Here are a few photos of the bike during its assembly and final racing setup.

CMR Racing Products Inc. has produced and delivered over thirty of these CMR Suzuki TR750 frame kits for use with the GT750 engine. There are many enthusiasts around the world producing special parts for this engine; CMR would like to congratulate Phil Harris on achieving the best results to date with this frame and engine combination. 

We're getting to know interesting folks who are producing pieces for this engine. At Barber International Raceway in 2008, Denis met Kris Bernstein of Suzuki Yesteryear, who has been collecting information on all the modifications needed to convert the GT750 engine to a 130plus horsepower power-plant. Another enthusiast, Peter Anderson, who races vintage side-car outfits in New Zealand, has been very helpful in providing an updated version of the dry clutch and clutch operation system for this engine. You can contact Peter at this email address.

As  Phil Harris updates us with his successes, we will be sure to pass them on .

For more information on frame kits and fuel tank kits produced by CMR Racing Products Inc., contact Denis at and be sure to visit us on Facebook.