CMR Racing Products Inc.

CMR Racing Products Inc.

Sunday 9 February 2014

Buyers' Market at CMR Racing Products Inc. - Canadian currency fluctuations

Challenges bring opportunities, they say. Global currency fluctuations have created a situation where the Canadian Dollar is currently valued well below parity with the U.S. Dollar, and the same situation exists with other world currencies. We are told this is a six-year low for our Dollar, but no explanation seems to be forthcoming!
We are a small but proud Canadian Company and export most of our product abroad. This current low value of the Canadian Dollar creates a very advantageous situation for our Australian and New Zealand, UK and Europe, and US customers (in short, anyone not living in Canada!).

While our currency value is so low, and until the value rebounds, this represents an approximate 11% saving on any orders placed with CMR Racing Products Inc.

So, just a thought. If you have been considering the purchase of one of CMR Racing Products' racing frame and swing-arm kits, aluminum fuel tank kits, or any of the other products we supply, now is the time. It's a real cost saving of approximately 11%! And who can refuse that? Still plenty of time to get ready for the Northern hemisphere racing season, and for folks down under - time for future winter racing projects!

We always keep stock of our more popular frame, swing-arm and aluminum fuel tank kits like the CMR Yamaha TZ750, the CMR Suzuki TR/GT750, the CMR Drixton Yamaha XS750 twin , the CMR Drixton Honda 350 and 450 twins and some others.

We at CMR always strive to provide the fastest turnaround time possible to our valued customers.

Watch out for some exciting new additions to our frame kit and tank line up happening soon, including Suzuki XR69 replicas in twin shock and mono-shock, Honda RS1000 twin shock replicas, and Rickman Kawasaki four and Rickman Triumph triple kits.

Buy now and $ave!

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