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Sunday 3 November 2013

Dave Crussell update - Isle of Man to Philip Island

Dave's CMR framed TZ750 as a backdrop
for an ITV4 interview with Freddie Spencer, Steve Baker
and Jamie Whittam
You may have read our March 2013 post about San Francisco-based ex-Brit classic racer Dave Crussell preparing to run a CMR Yamaha TZ750 framed bike at the Isle of Man. If you want to go there again, here's the story!

"It takes five years to learn the Isle of Man course." So say a number of racing veterans of CMR's acquaintance who have run this legendary circuit, including such notables as Dave Roper and Peter Sheppard.

Flat out at the famous Goose Neck corner 

 On his inaugural run on the Island in August 2013, Dave Crussell had only four laps of practice, due to bad weather and accidents closing the course.

Dave had planned to be on the Isle of Man from the 20th to the 26th August to take advantage of practice sessions before the race, but could only get those four laps in due to circumstances beyond his control. Weather marshalls closed the course. What can a man do?
March: the first run on the bike at Willow Springs, CA

He goes for it.

First time out, racing in the Classic TT 'Formula 1' event in the P1 class on the Isle of Man, Dave Crussell finished second, achieving a four-lap race average of 103.98 mph with a  final lap speed of 107.33 mph. WOW!

Dave at speed at Willow Springs
Dave called us at CMR just after the event to share his results. Dave felt that he will be able to achieve a 110 mile per hour lap on this CMR-equipped machinery in  2014, once he has more confidence on the course. It's always good to know what's around the next corner! Dave categorically stated that this CMR TZ750 was the best-handling bike he had ever raced. Period.
the first run at Willow Springs completed satisfactorily

CMR would like to compliment tuner Scott Clough, of Scott Clough Racing in California, who worked the magic on Dave's engine. Well done Scott!

And super well done, Dave! CMR is proud to have assisted in such an outstanding performance.
Dave's second CMR-framed TZ750 just completed
 November 2013

the other side of the second machinen

Dave's Isle of Man CMR TZ750 plus the newly completed second bike (see below) will be shipped to Australia in early November 2013 ready for competition at the 2014 Philip Island Classic in January. This will be an event to watch!

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