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CMR Racing Products Inc.

Monday 28 October 2013

Aluminum Fuel Tanks at CMR Racing Products - lots going on in 2013 !!

Readers of this blog, and customers of CMR Racing Products, know Byron, our master welder and shop foreman (and my 'adopted son'). What they may not know is that Byron has long wanted to get involved in the aluminum fuel tank manufacturing division of CMR - and after taking advantage of several training opportunities this year, has taken to aluminum like a duck to water.

As a result of Byron's talents, we have been able to increase production of aluminum fuel tanks, have cut down on customer wait times, and are now producing new tanks every few days. We've caught up with our order backlog, and are both delighted to be offering a wide variety of aluminum fuel tanks to the CMR Racing Products market.

Of recent days, we have produced and shipped the following:

A custom Honda CR750 tank with modifications to make it look like an award-winning bike called The Black Mamba, for a customer in California.

Honda CR750 tank with mods

Yamaha TZ/RD350 tank

A custom Yamaha TZ/RD400 fuel tank made to fit the modifications we carried out on the RD400 frame, changing it for monoshock suspension instead of twin shock suspension. Pictures to follow - a work in progress.

Because we build replicas of the Harris Yamaha TZ350 Lowline GP Special, we have posted photos of a frame kit being assembled on our website. A customer in Wales found this link and contacted CMR Racing Products for a fuel tank for a custom frame that he had just purchased. When we saw a photo, we identified it as an original and rare TZ350  Harris Lowline GP frame (that had been modified). We created a tank to fit this frame by exchanging photos online as we proceeded with the build, with the customer approving each step of the manufacture. Exciting stuff.

CMR Harris Yamaha TZ350 Lowline GP Special tank

Dave Crussell testing at Willow Springs, CA, Feburary 2013
We recently modified a fuel tank for Dave Crussell of San Francisco, for the CMR Yamaha TZ750 frame kit we delivered to him in November.  In January, when Dave tested this bike created for the inaugural Isle of Man Classic TT  race in August 2013, he discovered that he needed a larger tank than the 20 litre tank we normally supply with that frame kit.  CMR Racing Products was able to produce a 23.5 litre version at short notice and fire it off to Dave in California.


We've recently produced an H2R Kawasaki tank for a customer in New Zealand. Our customer had taken delivery of the frame kit over a year ago with the intention of having a fuel tank made locally, but had no success. Byron was able to make up the tank in very short order.

Kawasaki  KR style H2R tank

If you have aluminum fuel tank needs for your race/street project, get in touch with CMR Racing Products, and make Byron a happy man.

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