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Sunday 6 April 2014

1970's Curtis Racing Frames Dirt-tracker found and rebuilt

Back in April 2012 CMR heard from David Spicer of Vancouver, B.C. Canada, who asked if we could identify a dirt track racing frame that he was about to purchase, which dated from the early 1970's. David was able to provide a serial number and photographs; the photos showed an original Curtis Racing Frames decal still on the swing-arm. Denis checked the serial number and photographs and discovered that this was a Kawasaki 'Big Horn' flat-tracker from 1974/5. It had been built for one of Denis' partners at Curtis Racing Frames of Richmond, B.C. The fellow's name was Billy Hilland.
Curtis Racing Frames Flat-track Racing Team:
Centre: Billy Hilland and his bike #60 (1974/5)

Why was this bike so special? This was the only Kawasaki two-stroke dirt-tracker that Curtis Racing Frames ever made. Mr. Hilland loved that engine and wanted to go flat-track racing with it. He had formerly been a moto-cross racer and had lots of spare parts for the Kawasaki 'Big Horn' engine. Billy was a very fast and competitive flat-track racer.
The bike in its original form

The bike was used on one-eighth and quarter-mile short tracks and half-mile dirt tracks and during the winter months was used for ice-racing in B.C. and Alberta, Canada and Washington state, USA. It had a very successful career. At one time it even had a set of Curtis mag wheels fitted as you will see from some of these photographs.

David was pleased to hear the bike's history and to learn that Denis could still supply him with new original Curtis Racing Frame decals for the swing-arm. While Billy Hilland's racing number was #60, David elected to use the number 55 which was the number on the bike when he purchased it.

We understand that Billy Hilland sold the bike at some point but we don't know the intervening history.
#60 at the 1975 Vancouver Motorcycle Show

 The bike is shown here fitted with Curtis Mag Wheels

This is how the bike was found by David Spicer -
 remarkably complete but the Curtis Mag Wheels were missing

Taking the Treasure home
The Curtis Mag Wheel decal can be
seen here on the rear fender

David Spicer refurbished the bike to look exactly like it was under Billy Hilland's ownership, and what a great job he made. We look forward to receiving further photos of David's racing exploits in historic flat-track racing in B.C., Alberta and Washington state in the coming seasons. We will keep you posted.
A beautifully refinished frame

David Spicer with his pride and joy
an original Curtis Racing Frames Kawasaki 'Big Horn' Flat-tracker

CMR Racing Products Inc. has received a number of inquiries about frames from the Curtis Racing Frames past and Denis really enjoys researching and providing the information to this new generation of owners/riders. Let us know if we can help you.

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