CMR Racing Products Inc.

CMR Racing Products Inc.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

CMR Aluminum Gas Tank and Seat Designs

CMR Racing Products Inc. produces motorcycle frames for all types of applications including street bikes. Not surprisingly, we can also design and manufacture a gas tank - an aluminum gas tank - for every frame. Why aluminum? Well, we all know that fibreglass, while an excellent product, is not capable of standing up to the additives in modern fuels. As hard as people try to add coatings to  fibreglass tanks, the result is usually a breakdown of the coating and subsequent plugging of carb jets leading to engine seizure.

CMR has been producing aluminum gas tanks for over three years. Many people have seen these tanks on our website and on race machinery at shows and race track events. People are impressed with the design, the workmanship, the quality and the price.  Let us know what tank you require; to date we have replicated racing gas tanks for the tiny Honda CR93 3-litre tank right through to the Honda RCB1000 endurance racer tank holding ten litres of fuel. We have also replicated a range of aluminum gas tanks for street machines from the BSA A65 tank to the Munch Mammoth tank.

Our latest tank and seat combination, which is a favourite of ours, is a design which fits the Yamaha TR/TD, RD350/400 and TZ 250/350A model.

The tanks come complete with front and rear rubber mounts replicating/updating the original parts. We also supply a tank top breather assembly as all tanks need to replace the gas sucked into the engine with air for optimum performance. We offer a choice of gas caps from period aluminum 'Monza' quick-action caps to more modern 'Newton' flush-mount caps and everything in between.

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